Houston Police Dept. Officer assaults man then wields shotgun at concerned friends

The text below, from Derrick Broze – the first person arrested in this video, frames the video:

“On Friday January 27th the Houston Free Thinkers held on of their usual benefit shows at the Compound off 2305 Wheeler in Houston, Texas. Every 3 weeks these events are held to raise money for local charities or like minded small businesses. This particular event was called HFT for the Community! And was a completely free event put together as a Thank You to all those who have helped HFT out in it’s nearly 2 year existence.”

That night Derrick Broze was charged with a misdemeanor “failure to obey.” Micah Jackson was freed without further threats.

Protect yourself with a camera. Point out the double-standards. Refuse to grant authority to those undeserving.

Read Derrick’s complete write-up & stay up-to-date on the status of this incident:


By xblackxopsxsecretsx

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